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Specializing in Campus Security, Personal Protection, Private Investigations, & Security Consulting

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 SGT, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of human life

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We offer the following services:

  • School/Campus security-Guards monitoring inside Campus and Campus perimeters
  • Church Security-Guards monitoring inside Church and monitoring Church perimeters
  • Private School Security-Guards inside School and monitoring School perimeters
  • Security for Extra-Curricular School and Campus Events
  • Security for Concerts, Special Programs, Parties, and Weddings
  • 24 Hour Emergency/Non-Emergency Dispatch
  • Personal Protection/Bodyguard
  • Private Investigations
  • Courier Services
  • Neighborhood Patrols
  • Uniformed and/or Plain Clothes Officers
  • Armed and/or Unarmed Officers
  • Special Event Duty Officers
  • Field Supervisors
  • Short and Long Term Assignments
  • Temporary Assignments
  • Disaster Response/Recovery
  • Executive Protection
  • Fire Watch
  • Undercover Operations
  • Escorts/Courier Services (Armed and/or Unarmed)
  • Crowd Control Officers
  • Corporate Security

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Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 2912, Weatherford, TX 76086

Physical Address:

316 Santa Fe Drive #200, Weatherford, Texas 76086, United States

817-598-0408 office or 817-319-9815 cell


It is my great privilege to share my personal recommendation of SGT, Inc. as a security provider. As one of the largest congregations with the second largest auditorium in Weatherford, we recognize that we must be aware of the imminent dangers in our society and act to protect those who attend here. SGT, Inc. provided knowledgeable individuals who understood not only the need for protection but the unique environment of a church.  The men and women who are employees of SGT, Inc. have all proven to be strong in character and committed to the task of not only protection but hospitality and assistance for our members and guests.  While providing careful attention to the prevention of any problems, they are also attentive to the needs of our elderly and others. The safe environment that is created by the measures they have instituted has also brought praise from those in our weekday children’s ministry.  Teachers and parents alike realize the benefit of having someone present whose primary duty is security and safety. They are easily prepared and trained to provide this safety and security for any school or educational campus. While some churches attempt to provide protection through volunteers who may have a desire to stop any problem, it is not wise to leave the security of your members to the untrained and unlicensed.  With today’s litigious society we recognized that we needed professional help.  SGT, Inc. has provided protection and security at the highest professional level.  They believe that people are God’s greatest treasures and it is our responsibility to protect what God has given us. With Great Pleasure,
Van N. Houser / Senior Pastor - North Side Baptist Church / Weatherford, TX 

North Side Christian Preschool highly recommends SGT, Inc. to any organization. SGT has been securing our preschool since 2012 with great success. The staff at SGT is highly effective and beneficial to our preschool. We have positive feedback from our parents and the children feel cared for and secure as well. SGT goes above and beyond the call of duty and we have come to rely on SGT in many ways.
Debbie Ciferni / North Side Christian Preschool / Weatherford, TX 

SGT  Inc. are a highly trained group of professionals. They have provided security for two of our events and are of top notch quality. They stayed the course and handled some difficult security situations with tack and confidence. We will not have future events without them.
Dana Blankenship / Executive Director - Grace House / Weatherford, TX

It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse SGT, Inc. During the time I have known them, they have distinguished themselves as a conscientious, well trained and organized business. I have enormous respect for their leadership skills, and have been pleased to work with them on many occasions. I urge you to carefully consider SGT, Inc. They are quite simply, remarkable at their duties.
Scott Farris / Graffiti Night Car Show / Lipan, TX